Just a quick update!

Hello, and welcome to the TEDxParker 2015 website.  We would like to take this post to give a shout-out to all of our volunteers, without whom planning this event this year would have been impossible.  First off, we’d like to thank our coordinators, Talia Garg and Olivia Levine for setting up a lot of this, as well as our Third Man: Eliza Reinisch.  Next, we’d like to thank Bill Coyle for coordinating with our wonderful speakers.  We’d also like to thank our social media crew for promoting the event, composed of Martha Wedner, Zoe Patinkin, Camryn Oliff, Katrina Holceker, and Elena Holceker.

Another huge part of promoting the event was our poster design team, made up of: Jessi Lieb, Carlos Lopez, Ashley O’Toole, and Anna Cecilia Rosenkranz.

We also have a great tech team, who will make sure everything will be running smoothly on the day of the event. The tech team is comprised of: Nathan Satterfield, Gus Caplan, Micheal Daalder, Riley Florsheim, and Sam Winick.  We also will have a crew of people ready to sign you in once you get to the event.  They are: Josh Marks, Nathan Smiddy, Sidonia Ohringer, Yasmine Shafaie, Amaya Contractor, and Genesis Martinez.

After the event, a lot of work needs to be done to get the raw footage ready to be shared with the world.  Thankfully, we have a superb video editing team to take care of this, made up of: Owen Schatz, Jack McNabola, and Emma Stein.  We also have a photo crew to document the event.  It is:  Spencer Porter, Cari Lieberman, and Leigh Logan.

This website is being managed by: Adam Keim, Sammy Kagan, and Matthew Friend.

Last but not least, we have many people whose roles just didn’t fit nicely into one of these categories.  They are: Lucy Hartman, Morgan Harler, Casey Barr, Julian Rothchild, Marlee Neff, Danny Sickle, and Matt Fitzgibbon.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you are looking forward to the event as much as we are!  Keep checking our website for more updates, including details on speakers, livestream details, and more!


Check out our Youtube Channel by clicking here. If you were unable to watch TEDxParkerSchool or want to watch it again, just click the link and video you want to watch. See you at the next TEDxParkerSchool!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our attendees! We hope you all enjoyed TEDxParkerSchool! Videos of the speakers will be put up sometime soon (in the next 2 weeks) so look out for that!